A series of photos from various photography classes, freelance, and my free time. Photography is a hobby of mine that I like to share with others.

"Golf Outing Takeaways" - Mulligan's Fairway in Appleton, WI
"My Heart" - Milwaukee, WI. Model: Brandon Charles
"Jack" - Appleton, WI
"Weighted" - Appleton, WI
"YOUR Cosmetics Shoot" - Model: Brettina Davis
"YOUR Cosmetics Shoot" - Model: Stephanie Roskam
"YOUR Cosmetics Shoot" - Model: Mai Lo Thao
"YOUR Cosmetics Shoot" - Model: Shelby Manino
"Gridiron Grunge" - Model: Rebecca Davis
"Nubian Queen" - Model: Brettina Davis
"Tri-Color" - Model: Katy Verbrugge
"All That Glitters Ain't Gold" - Model: Hannah Sicard
"Fireball" - Model: Brittany Kaiser
"Mirage" - Model: Brittany Kaiser
"Heavy Hearts" - Models: Christina Prestidge-Kadrlik & Spencer Kromrie
"Misfits" - Models (L to R): Christina Prestidge-Kadrlik, Spencer Kromrie, Mac Wilson & Andrew Schultz
"Joan Jett" - Model: Christina Prestidge-Kadrlik